Report summitted by Com Namita Kumayu, WellBeing Educator AIRF/WREU & Compiled 
by Com Kona Vishnu, Coordinator International Affairs & Coordinator Social Media, AIRF, India.

    In continuance of AIRF Wellbeing Programme one more Mental Health Wellbeing Programme was conducted at Ujjain Lobby of Ratlam Division of Western Railway by Western Railway Employees Union (WREU) by Com Namita Kumayu Dhillon, First Responder and Wellbeing Educator of Wellbeing Programme. 

    The Programme was organized especially for running staff since this category of staff are prone to undergo lot of stress in their routine job and during duty hours. The Programme was attended by 28 running staff including Chief Loco Inspectors (CLIs), Loco Pilots (LPs) and Assistant Loco Pilots (ALPs).

    The programme was conducted in the presence of Chief Traction Crew Controller (CTCC) Ujjain Com Mohan Singh and CLI Com Jitendra Singh Dewda.

    The session stressed the need for Mental health, importance of maintaining balance between personal and professional life, Stress Management with the tough job profile.

     All the participants interacted in the programme and came forward with their queries regarding stress in different situations and requested for more such interactive sessions.

    The CTCC Com Mohan Singh, conveyed vote of thanks and appreciated efforts of the Team AIRF/WREU.


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