Report Submitted by Com Divya Sharma, National Coordinator, AIRF Well Being & Compiled by Com Kona Vishnu, Coordinator International Affairs & Coordinator Social Media, AIRF, India.

AIRF/NRMU Delhi Division organized Wellbeing programme on 25 August 2023 at the Divisional Railway Manager's office, Delhi Division, New Delhi.

Com Neena Yadav hosted the programme and started with a half hour session on meditation as a stress relieving exercise.

Com Divya Sharma discussed the types of stress in the work environment, domestic and social pressures an individual undergoes and the management techniques and also conducted an activity to manage stress in different situations.

Com Shiv Gopal Mishra emphasized the need for Well Being programme in today's fast paced life and stated that this project is expected to create a friendly environment at workspot between the Employer and Employee and ease the pressure. The Well Being programme is expected to help in maintaining a balanced Social life too.
Com.Pawan Kumari discussed the problems and issues faced by women at work spot and at home and the ways and means to balance both of them.

Com Anoop Sharma stated that AIRF and ITF are concerned about physical and mental health of Railway employees and through this programme of well-being we are going to help each employee to face the issues and over come them in a proper manner.

Dr. Bhardwaj discussed importance of Physical health, hygiene, stress and work pressure. He explained the consequences of these in day-to-day life.

The participants were asked to freely interact and discuss the issues openly and many a points came up for discussion and even found a suitable solution.

Senior Divisional Personal Officer, Delhi Division shared his views and stated that union is always there to help staff. Women wing of Delhi division is committed to resolve every issue of Railway women employees. Staff Benefit Fund (SBF) administration committee is also there to help them along with the union, Women employees face more responsibilities in life and administration can also try to help them along with Trade Unions.

Senior Divisional Personal Officer - II, Delhi Division thanked AIRF/NRMU for initiating this programme in coordination with ITF. The efforts of AIRF/NRMU by giving the opportunity to women to share their problems was highly appreciated. she also discussed that two types of stress are there, positive stress and negative stress we need to just work on that and maintain a balanced life style.

Com Praveena Singh appreciated the women participants for their presence, she further stated that women had the quality, grit and determination to survive in any situation and fight back, Women always want to give their best in every situation. Being a women challenges are always extra. She also mentioned the current achievement of India “the Chandrayaan-3 Mission” and women working on that mission had a separate face in social media now. She also appreciated the women wing of Delhi division and confided that women will do their Best in the Project too.

Divisional Commercial Manager of Delhi Division also appreciated the efforts of AIRF/NRMU for giving the platform to connect with staff, working women. He stated that women have to balance pressure between professional and personal life at same time. Positive attitude at certain time will help them ease.

Assistant Personal Officer, Delhi Division stated that she felt very happy and overwhelmed that AIRF/NRMU was conducting such a unique programme on mental well being. She said mental hygiene is also important, regular meditation and exercise is non-negotiable in current life scenario. She expressed confidence that AIRF/NRMU will do many such programmes for the benefit of employees PAN INDIA.

The Programme concluded with Vote of Thanks by Com. Dinesh Bhardwaj with a hope of conducting many such interactive sessions.


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