AIRF, INDIA affiliated to International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF), London and being the Oldest (Established in 1924) and Largest Federation on Indian Railways has now taken the fight for Defined Old Pension Scheme (OPS) from Local to Global under the umbrella of ITF with the support of more than 700 Unions Globally for a Legitimate fight opposing the National Pension Scheme (NPS) which is in force from 01 January 2004.  ITF has pledged its Support to the Right and Just Cause taken up by AIRF, India and has officially launched an Action Network with title "Restore Dignity to India's Pension System" with a link (given below) activated on 18 March 2023 at ITF, Railroad Conference concluded at Johannesburg, South Africa in presence of delegates from Global Railway Network belonging to ITF Affiliates.

Every Worker anywhere in the world can click on the link below and fill in all the particulars so that a letter addressed to the Prime Minister of India will be sent through this Network.

Kona Vishnu, Coordinator, International Affairs of AIRF stated that the ultimate goal of  every worker is defined pension in his old age, so AIRF, INDIA will demand "PENSION FOR EVERY WORKER" globally too. We shall also strongly support any union globally for a defined pension.

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